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The blog post covers an additional result I got whilst completing the analysis of the features affecting AirBnb rents in Edinburgh. During the project I accumulated information of the last 19 500 properties sold in Edinburgh over the last 2 years. Having a look at the sites available online, open and closed I found that none of the existing mediums displayed this data in an engaging to read way.

Sure on Zoopla you can look up the last house sold on your street and sure there have been a bunch of articles on the Edinburgh house markets proposed (7% increase, (those who forecast be doomed), but fundamentally there was no good way to show this data. The best I saw was the Zoopla index, some sort of heat map giving relative areas expenses, but no hard numbers.

So I decided to create a space to allow you to see the data, to see the properties sold by areas, to see the breakdowns in type of properties (unfortunately for some this is not provided). I believe all this public data should be used for the benefit of the entire population in an easy and informative way.

Just click on the link at top or bottom of page to connect to the Edinburgh Housing market dashboard.

Please let me know if you have any comments, would be interested to have feedback.

Connect to the interactive page HERE

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